How does OmiCure Work?

Step One: Tissue/Liquid Biopsy Procedure

Your doctor takes a sample of your cancerous tissue and sends it in for DNA and RNA sequencing. The sequencing is performed by a 3rd party service provider

Step Two: AI search for the best drug

The data corresponding to the sequencing of your tumor is transferred from the service provider to us.

AI search for the optimal drug.
OmiCure's Artificial Intelligence analyzes your genetic information and compares it with our huge database of information from medical experts, other patients, clinical trials, and published data.

Step Three: Ranking of best therapies 

OmiCure generates a report for you and your oncologist ranking the best therapeutic options for you.

Step Four: You choose your therapy with your Oncologist

Your oncologist reviews your personal report and includes it in its decision to recommend the best treatment plan for you. You and your oncologist start fighting your cancer using the optimal treatment for you, knowing that the choice uses up to date worldwide scientific knowledge that is applicable to your disease.



It would take years for your oncologist to sort through an entire library of the latest FDA-approved drugs and published research, let alone decide which one could provide the best outcomes based on your genomic making.


OmiCure provides a clear report of ranked drug therapies based on information collected at the genomic level. This report is designed to provide concise, actionable knowledge and insights for your oncologist. Ultimately, the report enables the patient and caregiving team to make the best treatment decisions possible.