What is Omicure?

OmiCure™ provides a service that brings together a vast amount of biomedical literature and genomics data to identify personalized treatments for cancer.
OmiCure™ explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI) interprets DNA and RNA data with a comprehensive knowledge-base of existing and experimental therapies to identify cancer treatments. OmiCure™ provides detailed information on the presence of genomic or transcriptomic alterations that may influence the choice of cancer therapy. This knowledge includes both marketed therapies as well as new therapies at the clinical trial stage.

OmiCure™ inputs data from genomic sequencing labs which use FDA – cleared or approved sequencing technologies. These data are analyzed with near 50 thousand different drug-gene interactions to find cancer treatments which match the genomic data of your tumor. OmiCure™ does not work with biopsy samples, and does not generate the sequencing data itself.

The availability of specific therapies in different countries, depends on regulatory classification in each country. OmiCure continuously updates the regulatory status of oncology therapies in the US and EU.

OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA AI test  - artificial Inteligence
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA AI test  - artificial Inteligence

OmiCure™ cannot determine whether a specific therapy is the right one for treatment, or predict the response of a specific patient to any specific therapy. The OmiCure™ report is not a source of medical advice for a patient or to have patients make treatment decisions on their own. instead, Information in the OmiCure™ report will exclusively guide discussions between a patient and his or her oncologist.