Find the right therapy using tumor profiling data for your patient.
OmiCure™ helps healthcare professionals match their cancer patients with up-to-date evidence-based treatments. Input for this analysis is clinical and tumor profiling sequencing data from patients. OmiCure™ identifies tumor mutations and drugs that can be used to target individual mutations, as well as, report on transcriptomic alterations of known tumor oncogenes

OmiCure™ is Research Use Only product which has been neither approved nor reviewed by the FDA.
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA AI test  - artificial Inteligence

OmiCure™ takes tumor profiling to the next level:

  • We analyze the genetic data from Whole Exome Sequencing WES) performed on more than 22,000 genes while the other companies only analyze a panel of 70 to 500 genes.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence enables us to analyze the huge amount of data from whole-genome sequencing and then identifies potential therapies for the patient.
  • We integrate both sequencing of the tumor's DNA (WES) and full RNA expression (RNASeq) to get a more complete picture.
  • Our search includes latest cancer drug development data, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, newly approved cancer drugs as well as drugs used in standard of care. We also include experimental drugs that may be accessed through ongoing clinical trials.
  • Our analysis includes “off-label” cancer drugs i.e. drugs that have been approved for a different type of cancer, but that may be relevant to the patient’s specific tumor profile.
An OmiCure™ report provides a comprehensive analysis revealing the tumors dis-regulations as well as the associated treatment options, in a simple to use format containing actionable knowledge and insight.

The most advanced oncology therapeutic decision platform

OmiCure™ helps oncologists choose optimal therapeutics for each patient by providing a personalized selection of existing treatments
OmiCure™ goes beyond standard DNA analysis by including the differential analysis of RNA expression in tumors. OmiCure™ benefits from multiple international collaborations with leading personalized medicine consortia, including some of the world’s most renowned clinical centers.

OmiCure™ uses our Artificial Intelligence technology to identify the ability of existing drugs to fight your specific tumor.

OmiCure™ has the potential to revolutionize the effectiveness of cancer therapy, enabling the choice of the right treatment for the right patient, improving outcomes, avoiding unnecessary side effects as well as decreasing treatment costs.

OmiCure™ matches the tumor's genomic signature with a massive database gathering available data from scientific publication and clinical trials worldwide, compiling more than forty thousands of chemical–disease associations, from multiple sources, including public databases, or proprietary academic-industry consortia

OmiCure uses RNA data. This approach was tested and validated through the WINTHER clinical trial. The results of this trial were published in NatureMedicine in April 2019. For the first time in a clinical setting, the WINTHER trial applied transcriptomics (gene expression) to guide decision. Using transcriptional analysis that specifically compared tumor to matched normal tissue, the trial was able to bring personalized cancer treatments to a greater number of patients.
Discover the results of WINTHER Trial

Our partners

We collaborate with a large number of public and private hospitals and research centers through a number of national and international collaborative projects. These include
Centre Leon Berard (France), Eurofins. Cancer Genome Interpreter is included under license from IRB Barcelona, ICREA and UPF.