Find the right cure for your patient

based on their tumor's molecular profile

OmiCure helps healthcare professionals provide their cancer patients with immediate access to the most advanced diagnostics and evidence-based treatments that medical science has to offer.

There are many personalized medicine companies that perform tumor profiling based only on DNA sequencing of a patient’s tumor or blood, and generate a report that identifies tumor mutations and drugs that can be used to target individual mutations.


Unfortunately, more and more studies and publications show a response rate disappointing with only a small percentage of the patient presenting actionable data.

OmiCure takes this to the next level:


  • We analyze the genetic sequencing performed on more than 22,000 genes while the other companies only analyze a panel of 70 to 500 genes.



  • Our Artificial Intelligence enable us to analyze the huge amount of data from whole-genome sequencing and then creates a score and ranks the top drugs  (out of more than 5 million options) that are customized for the patient.



  • We integrate both sequencing of the tumor's DNA (Whole Exome Sequencing) and RNA expression (RNA Seq) to get a more complete picture. 


  • We consider all of the latest advances in cancer care, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and newly approved cancer drugs, in addition to standard drug therapies.


  • We consider “off-label” cancer drugs in our analysis (i.e., drugs that have been approved for a different type of cancer, but that may be relevant to the patient’s specific tumor mutations based on data from prior clinical studies).


An OmiCure report provides a more comprehensive analysis, both in terms of mutations and treatment options, and is provided in a ranked format that provides actionable knowledge and insight to the oncologist.