The Technology behind

Artificial Intelligence

Ariana Pharma has developed the most advanced oncology treatment selection system, OncoKEM®. OncoKEM® helps oncologists choose optimal therapeutics for each patient by providing a personalized ranking of existing treatments.


The technology originated from the laboratory of Professor Jean Sallantin, of the Artificial Intelligence Group at the CNRS National Research Laboratories in France. KEM® is the result of 15 years of further development for the life sciences at Ariana by experts in logic, drug development, biomarker research and development, statistics, chemistry, and biology (more info about KEM®)

OncoKEM® goes beyond standard DNA analysis, involving the differential analysis of RNA expression in tumors. OncoKEM® benefits from multiple international collaborations with the leading personalized medicine consortium. It includes 22 of the world’s most renowned clinical centers (Gustave Roussy, France; MD Anderson and UCSD, USA; Chaim Sheba, Israel; Val d’Hebron, Spain, McGill, Canada, etc.) totaling 1.4M cancer patients per year.

OncoKEM® uses our Artificial Intelligence technology to rank the ability of drugs to fight your specific tumor.

OncoKEM® has the potential to revolutionize the effectiveness of cancer therapy, enabling the choice of the right treatment for the right patient, improving outcomes, avoiding unnecessary side effects as well as decreasing treatment costs to society.

OncoKEM® matches the tumor's genomic signature with an exhaustive database gathering available published clinical trials and existing therapies worldwide, compiling millions of chemical–disease associations, from multiple sources, including public databases such as TCGA, or academic-industry consortia such as IMODI.​

Published in Nature Medicine, results of WINTHER, the first study pioneered by the WIN Consortium - - Genomic and transcriptomic profiling expands precision cancer medicine: the WINTHER trial - shows that RNA profiling matches more patients with advanced cancer to personalized therapies than standard testing for DNA mutations in tumors.

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