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Know More, Do better to fight your cancer
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test

How does it work?

The OmiCure® AI, will match your tumor's genomics and transcriptomics with our extensive knowledge base of therapies and nutriments. OmiCure® can identify the right treatment or nutriment for you.

OmiCure® tests are Research Use Only product which has been neither approved nor reviewed by the FDA.

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Our mission

Help patients and physicians in their fight against Cancer by bringing actionable and personalized knowledge

OmiCure® will help you choose the therapy and the diet that best matches the specific components of your cancer.

OmiCure®'s, the most advanced, clinically tested, oncology therapy selection system, was developed over 10 years of scientific and clinical development with leading research laboratories and hospitals worldwide.

New scientific data is published every day, we help doctors to be at the forefront of innovation by delivering the right information to treat each cancer.

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OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test

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OmiCure® provides a service that helps clinicians choose a personalized therapy and diet. Based on your tumor molecular profile, we deliver a report for your medical team with a selection of the potential therapies and nutriments’ options for you.

OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test - step 1 biopsy
Genomic sequencing
of the tumor
We contact the hospital or the lab where your tumor biopsy sample is kept, and we have it shipped to a sequencing lab to perform RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) or whole-exome sequencing (WES) in order to identify changes in gene expression or genomic alterations in your tumor.
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test - Artificial Intelligence AI analysis


We receive the data corresponding to the sequencing of the DNA or RNA of your tumor. Our Artificial Intelligence will analyze your genomic information and compare it with our comprehensive knowledge-base of clinical trials, approved medicines, literature reviews and medical expertise.
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test - AI report


Factoring in thousands of cancer drug-gene interactions and nutriment-gene interactions, our AI compares the tumor's genomic profile to reference healthy tissues and generates a report for your physician with a selection of potential therapies or diet options for you. 
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test

Treatment Plan

Your medical team reviews your personal report and includes it in its decision to recommend the best treatment plan for you. Together, you and your medical team will be equipped with the knowledge to pursue the latest advances in targeted treatments.
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OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test

It works!

More information
OmiCure® uses RNA data. This approach was tested and validated through the WINTHER clinical trial.  The results of this trial were published in Nature Medicine.

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At present, the OmiCure® report is available for patients with all types of solid tumors, at all stages of the disease, and at any time during the treatment course. In many cases, patients will have already undergone surgery, radiation therapy, and/or one or more lines of chemotherapy.
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA test
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