What we believe in

"Patients should not feel hopeless anymore and understand that additional support may help their physician in finding the right treatment and diet for them"

Patients must be able to access OmiCure® tests, in order to:

  • Understand the complexity of the battle they’re engaged in.
  • Be proactive and help their oncologist access additional knowledge.
  • Become their physicians informed partner in their battle against cancer.
  • …and never ever feel not-in-control over their treatment, their diet, their future, and their health outcomes.

OmiCure®, the company which can help you

OmiCure® was launched in November 2019 as a spin-off of Ariana Pharma to focus on providing its technology to physicians worldwide. OmiCure®, the most advanced, clinically tested, oncology treatment selection system, was developed by Ariana Pharma over 10 years of scientific and clinical developments with leading research laboratories and hospitals worldwide.

Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur, Ariana Pharma is a leading digital health company focused on precision medicine in drug development using Artificial Intelligence.
OmiCure  cancer Tumor Profiling genomic DNA & RNA AI test  - artificial Inteligence

Two founders concerned
about cancer

OmiCure® was born from the encounter of 2 experts, one is an MD expert in data science and biotechnology, the second one in digital marketing and e-commerce, who both lost loved ones to cancer. Both were by the patient’s side throughout this fight, their mothers, their father, their mother-in-law.
Both found themselves in an unbearable position when they realized that despite all the means deployed in R&D, despite all the science, the fight was unequal, almost doomed to failure when at a metastatic stage.

Both found themselves, alongside their loved ones, hopeless and helpless, faced with the difficulty of understanding enough about this disease to, alongside their oncologists, make the right therapeutic decisions.

It is from this personal experience, and realization of the struggle physicians go through on a daily basis to keep on top of new medical research that  OmiCure® project was born.


Mohammad AFSHAR MD. PhD
Mohammad Afshar, PhD. MD.
Founder & CEO
Thomas Turcat
Founder & COO
Rita Santos, PhD.
VP Computational Biology
Former Scientific Leader Functional Genomics, GSK, UK

PhD Bioinformatics « Functional Drug Response », EMBL-EBI, University of Cambridge, UK

Board members

Veronique Chabernaud, MD.
Chief Medical Officer
MD, medical oncologist and MBA
Former Director of Sanofi Aventis Oncology Business Unit

VP Marketing and Sales Effectiveness, Aventis

Director of Global Medical Affairs, Rhone Poulenc Rorer
Alain Commerçon, PhD.
Scientific Advisor
Former Senior Research Director within the “Lead Generation” organization at Sanofi-Aventis

Former head of Chemistry – Oncology, Natural Products Chemistry and Bioconjugation Chemistry

Contribution in the discovery and development of a number of molecules, two of them having been placed on the market