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Cases Studies from Winther

April 16, 2021
The next frontier in precision oncology sits at the intersection of transcriptomics (RNA sequencing), AI technology, and the multiple global validated data sources of existing therapies and clinical trials. As evidenced in the WINTHER trial (Nature Med, April 2019), RNA analysis surfaces actionable data and gives patients and their oncologists the tools to make better treatment decisions about advanced cancers whose biomarkers are hiding in plain sight. This article presents six cases studies from the WINTHER clinical trial to illustrate the power of this new approach to treatment decision-making.

Beyond DNA — Studying RNA to Understand Treatment Resistance and Prescribe Truly Personalized Cancer Therapies

January 25, 2021
Cancer scientists are going beyond DNA to study RNA and the transcriptome. A recent Omicure et al. article in the Journal of Clinical Colorectal Cancer highlights how RNA sequencing is revealing further characteristics of cancer than those known via DNA. This can potentially lead to additional therapeutic options, particularly once treatment resistance has set in.

RNA Molecular Profiling Bridges the Gap of DNA-Only Profiling in Precision Oncology

June 16, 2020
Advances in scientific research and technology have all contributed to a decrease in the cancer mortality rate across the world. Still, cancer remains an untamed beast that continues...

Tumor profiling: Shifting from DNA to RNA sequencing

March 2, 2020
Personalized biopsy-driven treatment based on DNA sequencing has been tested in various settings for over ten years. Unfortunately, the response rate is disappointing. A recent study shows that profiling RNA, instead of DNA, allows the more advanced cancer patients to benefit from personalized therapies, compared to the standard analysis of DNA alterations alone.

New Study into Benefits of RNA Tumor Profiling Provides Hope for More Effective Cancer Treatment

April 2, 2020
OmiCure is excited about the future of precision oncology treatment, thanks to a recent study conducted by the National Cancer Institute. While there is still a considerable amount of...