OMICURE to Launch DNA Panel Tumor Profiling Tests.

OMICURE toLaunch DNA Panel Tumor Profiling Tests.


OMICURE® SAS Collaborates with PromotionalExpert Dr Rony EL KHOURY to Pioneer Advanced Tumor Profiling Tests OMICURE®


Paris France,September 15th, 2021 – OMICURE® SAS, a leading European digital healthprecision medicine company, is proud to announce a ground-breakingcollaboration with Dr Rony EL KHOURY, a renowned expert in the promotion anddistribution of genomic tests. Together, they have successfully developed andlaunched an innovative range of tumor profiling tests that promise torevolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment.


The advent ofprecision medicine has ushered in a new era of personalized healthcare, andtumor profiling has emerged as a critical component in guiding targetedtherapies. OMICURE®, with its deep expertise in digital health, and Dr Rony ELKHOURY, with a remarkable track record in promoting and distributing medicaltests, have joined forces to create a group of tumor profiling tests that offerunparalleled precision and accuracy.


Thesestate-of-the-art tests leverage cutting-edge genomic technologies andbioinformatics algorithms to analyze the molecular profile of tumors withremarkable depth and precision. By examining the unique genomic alterations andmutations within individual tumors, these tests enable oncologists to identifythe most effective treatment options tailored to each patient's specificgenetic makeup.


"We arethrilled to partner with Dr Rony EL KHOURY, whose expertise in promotion anddistribution will ensure that our tumor profiling tests reach healthcareproviders and patients in need," said Thomas TURCAT, OMICURE®’s COO."This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our missionto improve patient outcomes and revolutionize cancer care."


Dr Rony ELKHOURY, with his vast experience and extensive network, will play a crucialrole in raising awareness about the benefits of tumor profiling tests amonghealthcare professionals and facilitating their widespread adoption. Throughstrategic marketing initiatives and targeted distribution channels, he willensure that these transformative tests reach oncologists, hospitals, andclinics around the world, empowering them to make more informed treatmentdecisions.


"I amhonoured to collaborate with OMICURE® on this pioneering endeavour," saidDr Rony EL KHOURY. "The tumor profiling tests developed by OmiCure havethe potential to make a profound impact on cancer care, and I am excited tohelp bring these cutting-edge solutions to the medical community."


OMICURE® and DrRony EL KHOURY are committed to advancing the field of precision medicine andimproving patient outcomes. Their collaborative efforts are set to reshape thelandscape of cancer diagnosis and treatment, offering new hope to patients andtheir families.



OMICURE® SAS is a leading European digitalhealth precision medicine company, that developpes and markets genomicdiagnostic oncology products which help support physicians with their complextreatment decisions in cancer treatments. OMICURE®’s technology combines a proprietaryadvanced, comprehensive analytical xAI platform (explainable ArtificialIntelligence platform) that analyzes all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers(DNA, RNA and protein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies with its curatedcancer treatments knowledge database which continuously learns fromcutting-edge, validated, scientific and medical advances. This one-stop-shopanalysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results toenable the selection of treatments tailored to the individual patient’s cancerprofile.


OMICURE® provides to Anti-Cancer centers,oncologists, and physicians in the world an access to a state-of the-artinterpretation to improve their routine oncology-oriented analyses. The xAIplatform processes oncology raw NGS and molecular biology data to turn theminto clinical insights such as treatment options or clinical trials.


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About Dr Rony EL KHOURY

Dr Rony EL KHOURY is a renowned expert in thepromotion and distribution of genomic tests, with a scope of business mainly focused on bringing solutions tohospitals, clinics, laboratories and physicians through the promotion, marketing and distribution of Medical andDiagnostic tests developed by and performed in major accredited laboratories inEurope and US.


Through his network and connections with distribution companies incontact with health care providers, DrRony EL KHOURY has been promotingand distributing pre-gestational diagnosis, genetic panels, genomic tests, andpersonalized medicine for different medical specialties in multiple countries.


Throughhis partnership with a group of pioneering laboratories, Dr Rony EL KHOURY isable to convey the needs of practitioners to its network, aiding in testdevelopment and ensuring access to its clients to cutting edge solutions inoncology and genetics.

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