OmiCure's DNA and RNA NGS Tumor profiling tests now available in the Middle East.

OmiCure'sDNA and RNA NGS Tumor profiling tests now available in the Middle East.


OmiCure signs partnership agreementwith Eugene for Middle East distribution


Paris France, March 15th,2022, OMICURE® SAS a leading European digitalhealth company, has announced a partnership agreement to distributethe company’s molecular tumor profiling RNA and DNA assays, in the Middle East. OMICURE® has signed thedistribution partnership agreement with EUGENE SAS.


OMICURE is currently offering a large range ofmolecular tumor assays that help oncologists and tumor boards choose the besttreatment for cancer patients based on their tumor’s DNA alterations and RNAdysregulations.

·     OmiCure® TLDx Liquid biopsytest, a 591 genes DNA NGS panel, non-invasive tumor profiling test focused onkey tumor associated DNA alteration, ideal for non-invasive screening,monitoring tumor’s response and identifying therapeutic solutions when nobiopsy is available,

·     OmiCure® TTDx Solid DNA panel,a 591 genes NGS assay enabling a fast and accurate tumor profiling from tumor’stissue,

·     OmiCure® TTRx NGS RNASeq, aunique tumor profiling assay enabling to find from tumor genes’ expressionprofile a larger range of potentially beneficial treatments for patientswithout any actionable DNA alterations.


Thomas TURCAT, OmiCure’s COO said: “With OmiCure®giving physicians a large range of molecular assays to identify best treatmentsfor all patients based on both their DNA alterations and RNA dysregulations, itis important to broaden access to the test to patients worldwide. Ourpartnership with Eugene is an important milestone in making our wide rangeassays available to the medical community in the Middle East.”


Dr Rony El Khoury, Eugene’s Presidentcommented: “OmiCure® has the potential to revolutionize the waythat we treat cancer patients in the Middle East by providing crucialadditional information to enable our doctors to coordinate individual treatmentplans. This agreement will assist us in providing doctors and patients with aprognostic test that they can trust, a French label which should rapidly bringbenefits to patients, doctors, and local healthcare systems.”




OMICURE is a leading European digital healthprecision medicine company, that developpes and markets genomic diagnostic oncologyproducts which help support physicians with their complex treatment decisionsin cancer treatments. OMICURE’s technology combines a proprietary advanced,comprehensive analytical xAI platform (explainable Artificial Intelligenceplatform) that analyzes all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers (DNA, RNA andprotein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies with its curated cancertreatments knowledge database which continuously learns from cutting-edge,validated, scientific and medical advances. This one-stop-shop analysis andinterpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable theselection of treatments tailored to the individual patient’s cancer profile.

OMICURE provides to Anti-Cancer centers, oncologists,and physicians in the world an access to a state-of the-art interpretation toimprove their routine oncology-oriented analyses. The xAI platform processesoncology raw NGS and molecular biology data to turn them into clinical insightssuch as treatment options or clinical trials. For more information,visit:




EUGENE is a privately owned French-basedcompany with a scope ofbusiness mainly focused on bringing solutions to hospitals, clinics,laboratories and physicians through the promotion, marketing and distribution ofMedical and Diagnostic tests developed by and performed in major accreditedlaboratories in Europe and US.


Through its network of distribution companiesin contact with health care providers, EUGENE has been offering pre-gestationaldiagnosis, genetic panels, genomic tests and personalized medicine fordifferent medical specialties in multiple countries.


Through its partnership with a group of pioneeringlaboratories, EUGENE is able to convey the needs of practioners to its network,aiding in test development and ensuring access to its clients to cutting edge solutionsin oncology and genetics.

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