OmiCure, Ariana Pharma and Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) Comprehensive Cancer Center announce strategic collaboration to implement AI-driven Precision Medicine for cancer patients.

OmiCure, Ariana Pharma and Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) Comprehensive Cancer Center announce strategic collaboration to implement AI-driven PrecisionMedicine for cancer patients.

OmiCure and Ariana Pharma today announce their collaboration with the renowned CLB Cancer Center to apply OmiCure and Ariana Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to find more efficient treatments for cancer patients. The data were communicated at ASCO 2022 last week and showed that Artificial Intelligence RNA-based therapeutic recommendations have the potential to expand personalized cancer treatment options for patients with advanced & refractory diseases. 

Focusing on a cohort of advanced & refractory cancer patients without tractable DNA alterations, the analysis concludes that the AI-transcriptional-based therapeutic recommendation-tool Onco KEM® is feasible and has the potential to identify potential therapeutic options for personalized cancer treatment.


The study included the analysis of 50 patients who had no Molecular Based Treatment Recommendation (MBTR) based on routinely used DNA Targeted Genomic Panel, Using RNASeq gene expression profiles and the AI-transcriptional-based therapeutic recommendation tool OncoKEM® developed by Ariana and OmiCure, the study showed that at least 2 targeted therapies were proposed for all patients.

 “OmiCure and Ariana, with their RNA-based AI technology, have the potential to significantly improve outcomes for cancer patients who have no alternative therapeutic recommendations using DNA analysis only. We are encouraged by these initial results and look forward to assessing the clinical impact of RNA-based therapeutic recommendations in an upcoming clinical trial” commented Dr Pierre Saintigny, the study Principal Investigator, and Head of translational Medicine at the Centre Leon Bérard Cancer Center.

“I am excited by the opportunity of collaborating with the oncology team at the Centre Leon Bérard, a leading European cancer center", said Thomas Turcat, OmiCure’s COO. “We remain committed to making a difference for particularly difficult patients with advanced metastatic disease where therapeutic alternatives are few and clinical outcomes are poor”.


About the study:

  • 50 pts with advanced refractory diseases included in the PROFILER study (NCT01774409), with no MBTR based on a 90-tumor gene panel. Goal was to show feasibility of MBTR using the AI-transcriptional-based therapeutic recommendation-tool OncoKEM® to guide treatment recommendations.
  • Most common diagnoses were breast cancers (21%, of which 63% were TNBC), followed by ovarian cancers (OC, 18%) and soft-tissue sarcomas (STS, 13%)
  • All patients had at least 2 proposed treatments (range: 2-9) of targeted therapies among the top 10 ranked drugs in the OncoKEM® reports
  • Most frequently, proposed drugs among the top 10 were
    • In Triple Negative Breast Cancer: palbociclib, talazoparib, infigratinib;
    • In Ovarian cancer: bosutinib, sapanisertib, SAR125844;
    • In soft-tissue Sarcomas: ipilimumab, cabozantinib, sapanisertib
  • AI-transcriptional-based therapeutic recommendation tool OncoKEM® is feasible and has the potential to expand personalized cancer treatment in patients with advanced & refractory diseases without tractable genomic alterations. The clinical relevance assessment is planned in an upcoming clinical trial.

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About OmiCure

OmiCure is a leading European digital health company, that develops and markets explainable AI-based therapeutic decision support software. OmiCure’s range of products provide physicians with the support they need when making complex cancer treatment decisions. OmiCure’s technology combines a proprietary advanced analytical explainable Artificial Intelligence xAI platform, with a comprehensive knowledge base of scientific and medical advances. It has the power to analyze clinically relevant cancer biomarkers from DNA, RNA and protein profiles, from both solid and liquid biopsies. This one-stop-shop analysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable the selection of treatments tailored to the individual patient’s cancer profile.

OmiCure provides worldwide access to state-of-the-art analyses to cancer centers, oncologists, and physicians, who aim to improve their therapeutic decision making in oncology. The xAI platform processes molecular biology data, including sequencing data from NGS platforms, and turns them into clinical insights.

For more information, visit:


About Ariana Pharma

Ariana Pharma is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) drug development company. Using its KEM® Artificial Intelligence (xAI) technology, Ariana helps its partners introduce personalized medicine clinical trial design into their protocols and optimize clinical endpoints, identify biomarkers of therapeutic response and potential synergistic therapies. Ariana routinely collects and combines clinical data with omic data, immunological readouts (such as Fluorescence-Activated CellSorting (FACS)), microbiota, Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) as well as Real World Evidence (RWE) data.

Combining advanced data analytics, drug development, and regulatory expertise, Ariana helps translate findings into innovative clinical development plans and regulatory approvals. With a growing number of successful therapeutic development programs, KEM® is an FDA-assessed technology that systematically explores combinations of biomarkers, producing more effective biomarker signatures for precision medicine.

Ariana has developed OncoKEM®, the most advanced, clinically tested, oncology therapeutic decision support system. Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, the company operates a subsidiary in the United States since2012.

Further information is available at


About CENTRE LEON BERARD anti-cancercenter

The CLB is one of the leading French Comprehensive Cancer Centres dedicated to excellent medical care, research and education and a member of the Federation of Cancer Centres (UNICANCER), OECI (Organisation of European Cancer Institutes)-certified. Ranked among the top 3 French cancer hospitals in terms of patient recruitment in clinical trials including CLB sponsored ones, CLB is certified by the French National Cancer(INCa) for early phase clinical trials (CLIP2 center).

CLB and its Molecular Tumor Board has a leading position and extensive experience in precision medicine by sponsoring large studies such as PROFILER (NCT01774409; > 4,000 patients included), PROFILER 02 (NCT03163732), MOST plus(NCT02029001) and more recently PLANET (NCT05099068) studies.

Finally, CLB is labelled by INCa since 2011 as an Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIRIC LYriCAN) and is actively involved in translational research with > 500researchers on-site and 3 research Units including the Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL, UMR Inserm 1052 – CNRS 5286 – Centre Léon Bérard)

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