What is the OmicFood® test?

OmicFood® helps you choose the right nutriments to help your body fight your cancer based on your tumor's molecular profile.
OmiCure® explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI) interprets DNA and RNA data with a comprehensive knowledge-base of nutriments to identify the best ones for you. OmicFood® provides detailed information on the presence of genomic or transcriptomic alterations that may influence the choice of nutriments.

Cancer and diet?

A healthy diet is an important strategy you can use to help your body fight your cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends, for example, that you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily and eat the right amount of food to stay at a healthy weight. In addition, researchers are finding that certain foods, which help to reduce the risk of cancer, may be an important part of an anti-cancer diet.

Each food or nutriment act differently on each individual person depending on its DNA and may have some different impact on each one individual Immune system or RNA expression.

Although selecting "cancer-fighting" foods at the grocery store and at mealtime can't guarantee nor cancer prevention, nor cancer treatment, good choices may help your body fight the cancer.
A healthy diet is important at each step in the cancer journey.
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The rapidly advancing field of nutritional genetics offers great promise for personalized nutrition in clinical practice

Nutritional genetics is the umbrella term for the field that covers two distinct phenomena: nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenetics evaluates the impact that our genes have on our body’s responseto nutrition.

Nutrigenomics assesses the impact that nutrition has on the expression of our genes.

As such, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are often considered the “two sides of the coin” of nutritional genetics.

Get personalized Diet

OmicFood® test analyses each individual patient’s Tumor RNA expression and identifies all dysregulated genes. Our xAI platform match then matches the dysregulated genes list to a comprehensive nutriments' knowledge-base in order to suggest best nutriments that might help correct those reported dysregulations.

OmicFood® test's suggestions should not be considered as an alternative to therapy and should be discussed with your medical team.
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Your medical team needs OmicFood®


Omicfood® test provides physicians and nutritionists with a clear report about available nutriments for you based on information collected at the genomic level.
This report is designed to provide a concise, actionable summary and other information for your medical team.
Ultimately, the report enables the patient and caregiving team to make informed dietary decisions.
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